About Donna


*NASM certified personal trainer
*AFPA certified group exercise instructor
*ACE certified nutritional specialist
*FMS certified functional movements screen specialist
*CPR/AED certified

For the past 15 yrs I have been responsible for implementing fitness programs for many special needs clients including post-rehab(physical therapy/cardiac) patients, obese children, geriatric adults as well as many auto immune diseased clients. On the other end of that spectrum I’ve also designed training programs for  sports specific conditioning for on and off season athletes. I believe in the 90% diet/10% exercise rule and luckily my nutrition background has enabled me to program even more specific routines for those clients who are struggling  to achieve their ultimate  fitness goals. I enjoy working one on one with clients to establish a healthy eating and fitness  lifestyle. I currently work as the Group Fitness Director of Golds Gym . I see clients in person at the gym or in many cases in-home or on-line.

My most recent en devour is my on-line nutrition and training programs . I have developed a nutritional program that has been very successful over the past 3 years that members can do on their own with my on-line support . In addition to on-line nutrition I  customize conditioning programs that can be done at home or in a gym. Together through daily communication my clients have been one step closer to reaching their goals.

I look forward to assisting you in all your health and wellness future plans. Please feel free to contact me with questions at any time



My amazing clients are the reason I’m in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about my programs.

My daughter Sammy and I met Donna years ago. My daughter had been through surgery and needed to regain her strength for soccer. We were assigned to Donna as Sammy’s Personal Trainer. As time went by Sammy and Donna trained each week. Not only did Sammy gain her strength back, but her confidence too, it had become visibly noticeable. Donna is not only an amazing fitness trainer, she had become so much more to both Sammy and I. She took time to teach both of us about the safety of each and every exercise, focusing on form and execution. The encouragement Donna gave Sammy even inspired me to train with them. She may be tiny, but I will tell you she is one strong woman, both inside and out. I can not express the impact Donna has had on both my daughter and myself. Skipping through time, we started using ID Life products that Donna recommended, both my daughter and I have gastro issues. The protein is the ONLY protein that agreed with us, finally no side effects. I began raving about this product to all of my friends and family. I was amazed how great I felt, trust me I have tried numerous proteins! Switching gears to the Nutrition plan…I was excited to join and convinced a few friends/coworkers to do the same. At first it looked confusing, but it wasn’t at all. Donna provided all the information, from detailed macros to forms to keep track of your daily eating. The blogs are great for everyone to interact sharing ideas/photos and feedback. Donna responds to each person and everyone is able to learn ways to improve. Personally, I maintained my weight, but lost inches! Others lost weight and inches! If you are skeptical about the nutrition or fitness plan that Donna leads, please don’t be…take a chance, it will change your life. You can do whatever you want as long as your mind and heart want it!!!!!!!!!!



I met Donna through my friend Brittany, who trained with her for her wedding. Brittany told me about her on-line group nutrition program. I was hesitant because I’ve tried so many things and nothings worked for me. Also, I was very nervous about all the restrictions on what I could and couldn’t eat. Brittany told me many successful stories from her nutritional program, so I decided to give it a try. It also helped a TON that two of my closest friends were doing it with me. I went with Brittany to one of Donna’s classes at Golds Gym, which was amazing! I started the program in March and while it felt overwhelming at first, I quickly got the hang of it. I was so amazed at all the stuff I could eat and I found myself actually not being able to eat all the macros suggested for the day. I cannot believe I lost 13lbs during one cycle and I felt great! I’ve gained so much valuable knowledge through her nutritional program that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. I have suggested this lifestyle change to so many people because I am so amazed by the results. Donna has been a huge part in helping me change my lifestyle, and I can honestly say I will never go back. I strongly reccomend her for both training and nutritional help!

-Samantha D

I found out about Donna and her memorial day meltdown program through my friend Brittany. At first I was nervous about going into the program because it seemed overwhelming. In the beginning it was confusing, from counting macros to figuring out what is and what is not allowed. Donna was graciously patient and very informative. If you ever had a question or concern she was always there with an answer, explanation, and she would make you feel good about not know and learning. This program is amazing, in the first week I lost five pounds. Once I started getting a feel for the program, is when it became fun, interesting, and easier. The different styles of cooking you get to experiment with and how much you actually learn is amazing. Donna was always there with her positive responses and smiles! In the end I lost 11 pounds the results amazed me and can not wait for the next session! It makes you feel better about yourself physically and mentally. Donna’s program is truly life changing and I strongly recommend it anyone!

-Kelly C


I first met Donna through friends from my previous gym who recommended her as a personal trainer to help me get in shape for my wedding. I have always been pretty active and was working out consistently, however I needed help to start seeing real results. About 8 months before the wedding was the first time I met with Donna. From then on, she trained with me for an hour once a week until the big day. The transformation was incredible! I felt so amazing on my wedding day and that could not have happened with out the dedication and knowledge from Donna. She works with you in a way that is not intimidating and really listens to what you would like to achieve and helps you step by step to see those results. I also joined her online nutrition program after the wedding, as diet is always the hardest part for me! I was nervous at first to make such drastic changes to my diet, but I cannot believe that I lost 14 pounds during one cycle and there was not one day where I felt hungry! I couldn’t believe how much I lost. The knowledge that she shares during her online program is truly invaluable and it is no where near a diet, but an actual lifestyle change. Donna has been a huge asset to my health in the year and a half that I’ve known her and I strongly recommend her whether it be for your training needs, nutrition help, or both!

-Brittany F


I met Donna years ago, she was subbing zumba. Just one of her many talents thst made you smile . She always knew how to share her positive energy. Then I got to know her other side, her love for weights, wow what a surprise that was.
However, 2 years ago someone said something to me in the locker room at the gym, about being fat. I was devistated, I couldn’t believe my ears. I always knew I was heavy, but hearing it from another person truly hurt. I tried so many ways, to take off the weight. It seemed pointless, I was unhappy. I still went to the gym, and stayed the same for years. Then one day I saw a Facebook post from Donna about her nutrition plan. I read it all real food, and guidance. I figured I would give it a try, it was only I think 8 weeks, I could do anything for 8 weeks. I must admit it wasn’t easy at first, there were big life changes, but it worked. It became easier each day. I have lost almost 50 lbs with Donna. Who I have come to love and respect in a whole new way. She has given me a new life, a new perspective of how to look at things. I will always be grateful for that one post that forever changed my life. She gave me a way to get my head and my heart together, one that I could live with. She is truly the best, I honestly don’t think you will ever find a more compassionate woman, who will always answer your questions about food, exercise, and keep you motivated. She’s tough, don’t let that pretty face fool you, but she does it with love, that’s what makes her so special. I have never regretted taking that first step, and you won’t either.

-Amy P



Donna is the best! Donna’s program is a healthy ,nutritional way to eat and loose weight. Donna attacks weight loss with a program that gets you to eat healthy foods and learn good eating habits. She has recipes that are delicious and easy to make. Real food not replacement shakes! Donna incorporates her knowledge of fitness and her knowledge of a healthy lifestyle into her program which is straight forward. She also provides one on one support. Down over 20 pounds so far, and feeling better than ever at 55! Love your body love yourself!

-Sue s


Hi my name is Colleen. I was introduced to Donna October 6, 2015, two months shy of my 50th birthday. After struggling with my weight most of my adult life, I decided that I did not want to turn 50 unhealthy and unhappy. It was time to take control. I made a promise to myself that I would follow the program perfectly, doing whatever was asked of me –no excuses! My new meal plan consisted of clean eating and I was given a booklet that contained the proper ratio of macro nutrients-protein, carbs and fats-and how to utilize these macros throughout my day. Also included in the booklet was a number of easy to follow recipes and Donna’s personal contact information for any questions I may have. I was set up for success! Now let’s talk about Donna…She is a Fitness and Nutritionist Professional! Her expertise runs deep and she’s eager to share that with anyone who’s willing to put in the work. She’s committed to helping people live the best lives through health and fitness and she understands the real life struggles that everyone faces. I love her for never making me feel inadequate, especially during the first phase of my journey, for encouraging me every step of the way, for Checking up on me when I fall off the radar and for helping me to believe that at age 50, I can live a physically fit and mentally strong lifestyle. I lost 55lbs within the first seven months of this program and have since maintained that weight-loss. I feel better than I have in many years and I am currently training for a mini triathlon on October 8, 2016…exactly one year from the start of this program. I am excited to continue on my weight loss journey and I am fully committed to reaching the level of success that I want…This girl will NEVER SETTLE!


“Being part of Donna’s nutrition group helped me learn how to make better food choices for myself and my family and it taught me how to properly control my portion sizes. The support I got from Donna as well as the other group members was invaluable and proved to be essential in reaching my health and weigh loss goals”

-Carolyn M


If anyone needed to hear, “You can do this! You’re strong!” (Words from Donna, every time I have self doubt.) It’s this menapausal, mother of four and grandmother of two. After having knee and back injuries my self image diminished and I found myself adding on the pounds and wanting to isolate myself. I met Donna at Gold’s gym teaching one of my favorite classes, Zumba. I loved her style and self confidence. I decided to take her group station class. If you want someone to whip you into great shape, take this group class with her!  Because of my injuries, I asked Donna to train me. But, she doesn’t just feel like my trainer or my coach, she is much more than that. She is a friend that asks and listens. She has an abundance of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I have not had the pleasure to be a part of her nutrition groups but that is the next step this Fall for me to keep this girl on the right track! I’m excited and looking forward to continue working with such an amazing woman!

-Debbie G

Donna is amazing! She guided me not only on a weight loss journey but a a truly spiritual journey too! Her tough love enabled me to focus that this program is not just a temporary quick fix but a lifetime commitment to make the right choices and to be accountable for those choices. I look and more importantly feel so much better after using all the tools I have learned from Donna! I highly recommend Donna’s program to anyone who is looking to make their own personal transformation

-Kris M


Training & Nutrition Packages



At Golds Gym Howell- personal or group training (non-members welcome)

In Home- personal or group training (serving Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ)



At Golds Gym Howell- individual customized (non-members welcome)

On-Line -(individual customized) e book,recipes,macro log provided. Client is required to monitor success.

On-Line -(facebook private group) e book,recipes,macro provided. Client is required to monitor success




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